Name: Glenn Sigurdson Q.C.
308 Moyne Drive
W. Vancouver
BC V7S 1J5
Tel: (604) 688-4678

Email: glenn@glennsigurdson.com
Website: www.glennsigurdson.com


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Case Experience (Civil):
Corporate/Commercial, Employment, Labour Relations, Administrative (incTribunals), Banking & Finance, Energy Sector, Environmental, First Nations, Fisheries / Fishing Rights, Forestry, Hospitals/Health Industry, Health Care/Disputes, Human Rights/Discrimination, Intellectual Property, Multi-Party / Complex, Municipal, Oil & Gas, Public Policy, Schools & Universities, Transportation

Glenn received his B.A. (Hons.) Economics from the University of Manitoba (1968); and his L.L.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto (1972).
He is a barrister and solicitor called to the Bars of Manitoba (1973), Saskatchewan (1979), and British Columbia (1989).

My background as a neutral in labour relations matters extends back to 1979 when I was first appointed as a Vice-Chair( part-time) of the Manitoba Labour Relations Board. I was re-appointed three times prior to my retirement from the Board in 1989. Throughout this period I also became active as a labour relations arbitrator and mediator. Concurrently, I practiced law in Winnipeg, having returned to the province where I grew up after completing my degree at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto

The range of my experience as neutral over those years was very extensive � adjudicating very complex cases before the labour board, settling the terms and conditions of collective agreements as an interest arbitrator, arbitrating and mediating a wide range of cases in many industry sectors including the media, healthcare, resources, and the public sector. In 1989 I moved to Vancouver where I have been living and working since that time.

Increasingly my interest came to focus on the resolution of complex multi party challenges involving companies, unions, non governmental organizations, and governments within the resource, environment, and land use sector, often with a First nations presence. Working in that field as a mediator, facilitator, and trainer has been a significant dimension of my professional life over the last 15 years.

This combination of influences and experiences has taken me is into the middle of a very wide range of settings involving interactions within, between, and among organizations and groups with diverse interests, values, and power� building relationships, achieving consensus, developing partnerships, and resolving conflict

My experience in the workplace has informed much of my work. Throughout, I have continued to be active as a labour relations arbitrator and mediator, but not to the same extent in British Columbia as I had been in Manitoba. I now find that the work I have done in those other arenas is providing me with additional insights and tools in dealing with organizational dynamics and differences.

As a speaker ,a writer , and a leader in the ADR field, I have continued to explore the potential for cross pollinating insights and skills across the spectrum of dispute resolution practice, and by doing so strengthening and deepening competencies in each area of practice.. In that spirit, when I was the President of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution ( now the Association of Conflict Resolution) I gave leadership to an initiative which resulted in the development of a widely recognized and applied set of principles and protocols ��ADR in the Workplace� published by Cornell University.

I was also one of the practioners profiled in the publication of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School( 2000) � Public Dispute Mediators: Profile of 15 Distinguished Careers.

A layer of my professional life is my association with Simon Fraser University where I am a research associate and a Fellow of the SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue.

My professional life and work is conveniently referenced at my website www.glennsigurdson.com.

Memberships & Affiliations:
Part of a professional affiliation of independent practitioners known as The CSE Group, he is also associated with Simon Fraser University as a Fellow of the Morris J. Wosk Center for Dialogue, a Research Associate, and an adjunct professor in the School of Environment and Resource Management.

He is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), headquartered in Washington, D.C., and a former President of the predecessor organization, The Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution. Glenn is also a roster member of ECR � The Environmental Conflict Resolution group.

Languages: English

Practice Commenced
: 1979

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